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Monday, December 19, 2005

Weee, I finally handed in my thesis! I rode my bike through the sleet over those old hills I've been climbing for so many years by now, crawled through two different faculty buildings to find a binding machine that worked, got my coat off, found a secretary to show me how to operate the machine, realized I'd forgotten the spiral backs at home, apologized to the secretary, got my coat back on and tracked across campus over to the book store, got some new spiral backs, walked back, got ready to assemble the paper again, punched a million holes and got it all put together. Then I flipped every 96 pages of all five copies to make sure all the pages were there, signed the lot and handed it over to the secretary. It's a weird feeling to be done. It feels really good, but now it also feels like the exam just moved a step closer. Aaaaarghh! But it's definitely nice. For now I'm so psyched that I can't even think about crocheting. I think I'll just go try anyway. Weeeeheeee!


  • At 6:33 am, Blogger vicki said…

    i bet your very happy that is done now. i know when my son turned his in last week, he was in 7th heaven. now you will have more time to crochet :)

  • At 6:30 pm, Blogger Cuddlefish said…

    I won't feel it's completely off my back until the exam is over with, but it's still a great relief. And yeah, I do have more time to crochet right now. :D


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