Cuddlefish Crochet

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The last couple of weeks I've resumed the stashbusting - this time for bags. First is a blue flower shoulderbag I was inspired to do by a flower motif in a pillowcase:

Here's the inside; the buttons close the pocket:

With the black stash brought down to managable levels I moved on to the red stash; I had just enough to make this:

Finally I used some really old grey wool for this; a little felted backpack, with a white and green sun-motif:

With this, my stash had visibly shrunk, to the point where it made me feel slightly uneasy. I don't think a girl is actually supposed to be able to look at her stash and at one time see everything that's in there. Of course, I've tried to remedy the queasiness by buying some 20 skeins for my next project. Unfortunately, I'm using them up fast, and more action is required. I'll just have to go yarnhunting again next week! Woohoo! :D
With the knitting urge well out of my system, I could return to crochet again. :D

First I had to make this sweater from a new book I'd just bought. I'm ready for fall now, bring it on!

Here's a creamy cotton outfit. Okay it's not a fall thing at all, but I'll find a use for it. ;)

It's compiled from this skirt:

And this top:

It's been a while since I updated this thing, but I've been busy. For a while, I felt more like knitting, and that produced these items:

This is a sweater for my boyfriend's mum:

After that, I had a run-in with the Darla sweater from Cool Crochet. It didn't look right on me, so I ended up knitting this with the yarn I bought for it instead:

Then I went scarf crazy, and embarked on quite a journey of stash busting:

This is the leftovers from my lavender wide-neck sweater.

A single skein I bought on sale became this:

This is reversable two-coloured patent knit:

And finally the rest of the yarn from the not-to-be Darla sweater: